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A partner with global connections

In addition to being led by a team with decades of experience in the cotton industry, our cooperative leverages Cargill and its worldwide network on your behalf. We also pride ourselves on transparency and open lines of communication — starting here. Learn the basics about our services and find out who you’ll be working with when you’re a member.

Not your garden variety cotton cooperative

It’s a big market, and there’s plenty of folks working in it. So what distinguishes us? Below you’ll find why it pays to be a member of Cotton Solutions Cooperative.

Cargill Cotton partnership

Cargill Partnership

Our relationship with Cargill allows us to leverage a global network on your behalf. Thanks to the company’s footprint in the growing Brazil and West African markets, we have key insights into basis and futures pricing of US cotton. This is an all-important advantage, considering the fact that it’s becoming more important than ever to understand the impacts of Brazil and West Africa on US prices.

By insisting on cost-efficient supply chain practices and combining data analytics, insights and access to the three main origins of the cotton trade, Cargill delivers an invaluable service to anyone navigating the global market.

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Cotton Solutions Cooperative prizes transparency above all else. That’s why we make commitment as simple as possible for you. We have a set payment schedule and a year-to-year signup, so you’ll never be automatically enrolled in a pricing plan if you’re not comfortable with it.

  • All money is paid out after final settlement (no retained earnings). Payments are made at harvest and then in February, May and September after final settlement in July.
  • Members receive all government premiums in line with the CCC loan.
  • 120 points marketing fee
  • 3rd party CPA audit at final settlement on an annual basis

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In a constantly changing market, staying nimble and adaptable is everything. Our cooperative offers a variety of plans that allow you to do just that. A few things to consider:

  • Utilizing a tool like Cotton Solutions for your acres is a very strong option for diversifying your marketing approach and risk profile.
  • The Seasonal Pool is an acre commitment where Cargill will make all marketing decisions for members. Members are only required to deliver the bales made on the acres committed.
  • The Call Pool is an acre commitment where the member has the ability to establish their own futures price, up to 80% of their five-year average prior to harvest. Following harvest, 100% of bales are to be fixed prior to First Notice Day of the May Contract.

Meet the Team

Our leaders bring decades and decades of cotton industry experience to the table. But they’re people too. In the spirit of knowing who you’re working with, here are our board members and a few interesting tidbits about them.


Cotton Solutions Coop Team
From left to right: Anthony Wills (Cargill), Michael Hopping (Cargill), Shea Leatherman (Cargill), Trey Davis (Board Member), Nathan Reed (Board Member), Hank Gray (Cargill), Wes McGeorge (Board Member), Jody Simmons (Board Member), Brooke Smith (Cargill)
Jody Simmons

Jody Simmons

| Board Member

Location: Northeast Arkansas

Grows: Cotton, corn and soybeans on 4,000 acres

Bio: Jody is starting his 20th straight year in farming. His wife, Heather Simmons, is a CPA and partner in the farming operation. They have two children, Ethan and Austin. Jody holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in accounting. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, reading and politics.

Wes McGeorge

Wes McGeorge

| Board Member
Trey Davis

Trey Davis

| Board Member
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Email, call, snail mail. Whatever you’re comfortable with, we’re ready to talk about how Cotton Solutions Cooperative can put your business over the top.

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